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.PRESS Domain Extension


.press domain extension

In the vast expanse of the internet, standing out is paramount. Get ready to amplify your voice and establish your niche online with a .PRESS domain. Here’s why you need to consider this powerful domain extension:

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The Powerhouse:

At, we understand the pivotal role that a domain plays in shaping your online identity. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business, our commitment to providing top-notch hosting solutions and domain registration services remains unwavering.


Get .PRESS for a Distinct Voice

A .PRESS domain is not just an address; it’s your distinct voice in the digital realm. It gives you a platform to highlight your passions and establish your niche on the worldwide web. Express your stories freely and authentically on a .PRESS website, setting yourself apart from the noise.

Get .PRESS for Instant Recognition

Your online presence is instantly elevated with a .PRESS domain. It adds a layer of information, identifying you as a part of the press community. Whether you’re a journalist, blogger, news corporation, or part of a press club, a .PRESS domain instantly communicates your association with credible and authoritative information sharing.

Get .PRESS for Added Credibility

In the world of journalism, writing, and information sharing, credibility is everything. A .PRESS domain name attaches credibility to your web presence, signaling to your audience that you are dedicated to delivering trustworthy content. It’s the perfect choice for anyone in the field, including students of journalism and brands looking for a dedicated URL for news releases and press kits.

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Who Is .PRESS for ?

.PRESS is more than just a domain extension; it’s a credible online identity for:

  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • News Corporations
  • Magazines
  • News Websites
  • Press Clubs or Journalism Associations
  • Journalism Schools
  • Students of Journalism
  • Brands looking for dedicated URLs for news releases, press kits, and media clips

Who is Using .PRESS?

Join the ranks of big players who have embraced .PRESS:

  • An indie publisher of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror stories.

  • Edward Snowden’s Freedom of the Press Foundation.

  • Publisher of poetry books, broadsides, and visual art with a typographic focus.

  • An advanced full-service offset printer.

How Can You Use a .PRESS Domain?

A .PRESS domain offers a myriad of opportunities:

  1. Community Building: Create your online identity and build a community around your expertise.

  2. Ensure Credibility: Leverage the credibility that PRESS evokes in your field of work.

  3. Represent an Industry: Showcase your industry expertise and become a representative in your field.

  4. Have Your Voice Heard: Make an impact by having your voice heard on your own .PRESS website.

  5. Branding: Strengthen your brand with a domain that is relevant and evokes trust.

In a world driven by digital-first approaches, a .PRESS domain is your gateway to a credible, relevant, and impactful online presence. Join the league of those who have chosen .PRESS and make your mark on the web today. Elevate your online presence with a domain that speaks volumes – get .PRESS!

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