WordPress with 1-click is a feature that will allow you to install the WordPress platform quickly and with easiness.

This feature of 1-click install solution is very easy and flexible and it will boost the time it takes for your WordPress host to be up and running. So that you can copy, transfer or clone your site with the click of a button. Moreover, you don’t need to upload or download any data or files to web hosting service. The best thing about this feature is that there are no limitations of size or premium versions.

Basically 1-click WordPress solution is an automated procedure that will eradicate the time consuming manual steps of installing WordPress. Also you can transfer your existing WordPress website from one location to another very easily and quickly..

Our 1-click WordPress install solution comes with a lot of features. For example, hassle free migration like you can copy or transfer your site with 1-click. It provides high security as all of your data is encrypted and no one can access to it without passwords. The best feature of WordPress 1-click install solution is faster exports and imports. Your archive is spilled from each server and there is no need for downloading any files. Talk to our experts right now at MobileHost and get started today with this feature.

With the 1-click install web host solution for WordPress, you can immediately download and install WordPress in a few steps. You will get this tool and feature in all our hosting plans and you just have to follow step by step installation process and instructions.

Contact us today to get this amazing WordPress feature for your site. As it is one of the most flexible and adaptable feature for changing needs of entrepreneurs. Now the million dollar question is that how to install 1-click solution for your site? We are here to serve you with our talented team of developers that will guide you and help you in the whole process.



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