Introducing – Fast, Reliable and Secure Web Hosting Provider

Toronto, ON –Mobile Host is proud to announce the launch of their new web hosting service – Mobile Host. Specializing in website migration, PHP memory limit up to 2 GB and WordPress web hosting and ecommerce web hosting, seo, hacked site repair, web design solution. Mobile Host provides customers with a fast, secure and reliable solution for their needs.

“We’re excited to offer our clients a comprehensive web hosting solution that meets their needs at an affordable price point,” said CEO of Mobile Host. “We are passionate about providing our customers with quality services that help them get their businesses off the ground quickly and easily. Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs and startups with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.”


Mobile Host offers customers several features including:

– Website migration services offering 100% uptime guarantee
– PHP memory limit up to 2 GB
– WordPress web hosting support
– Ecommerce web hosting solutions with SSL certification
– Web design ad maintenance

Mobile Host also offers free trial period for users who are interested in trying out their services before committing to a purchase plan. With no risk involved, users can get started right away on building the perfect website for their business or personal use without worrying about any hidden costs or fees down the line.

For more information on or other web development solutions from Mobile Host please visit our web design solution.

About Mobile Host:

Founded in 2023 by CEO, MobileHost has been providing quality and dynamic website development Toronto solutions ever since its inception by growing creative team of professionals equipped with most demanded skills in IT industry. The company is known for offering one stop shop solution for open source ecommerce solution as well as free web hosting with web design, content management services and application development for individuals, small businesses and start ups alike.

  • best wordpress web hosting trial

    Advanced Hosting

    $7.00 / Months For 1 Months and 14 Days free trial


  • Business web design

    Business Web Design Solution



  • Content Marketing | Content writing

    Content Marketing

    $273.00 / Months For 1 Months


  • customer web design solution

    Custom Web Design Solution



  • best web hosting trial

    e-Commerce Advanced

    $8.00 / Months For 1 Months and 14 Days free trial


  • ecommerce starter trial

    e-Commerce Starter

    $5.00 / Months For 1 Months and 14 Days free trial


  • best web hosting trial

    e-Commerce Starter pro

    $7.00 / Months For 1 Months and 14 Days free trial


  • free domain name

    Free .COM Domain Name with 1 Year Hosting Plan Term

    $136.00 / Years For 1 Years and 14 Days free trial


  • Fix for a hacked website

    Need a Fix for Hacked Site ?



  • best wordpress hosting service

    Pro Plan

    $5.00 / Months For 1 Months and 14 Days free trial


  • Web marketing services in canada

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing

    $410.00 / Months For 1 Months


  • Site Management Specialist

    Site Management Specialist



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